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    • 8-channel digital signal processor with optical digital input
    • DSP adjustments and settings made via Windows PC running JL Audio's TwK-TuN app
    • Three Project Levels of tuning:
      • Basic: (10-minute set-up time) guided channel setups, basic crossover functions, 10-band graphic EQ, no delay
      • Advanced: (30-60-minute set-up time) adds crossover options, limited parametric EQ, delay functions
      • Expert: full manual controls with input mixer, parametric EQ, signal diagnostics
    • optical digital input only
    • 8 analog preamp outputs (RCA), 1 digital output (optical)
    • all input channels assignable to any output channel
    • channel settings can be separate or linked together
    • 10-band EQ (graphic in Basic, parametric in Advanced and Expert modes)
    • time alignment in 0.02 ms increments
    • fully adjustable high- and low-pass filters
      • selectable filter slopes (6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48 dB/octave)
    • DRC-200 wired remote control included
    • dimensions: 4-9/16"W x 1-15/16"H x 6-3/16"D

    JL Audio TWK-D8

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